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How I Booked : Portland to NYC for $5

In this new series, we'll cover great deals on hotel and airfare bookings.  Whenever I book a great deal on travel, I'll post about it and let you know how I did it, so you can book your own amazing trip for less money!  There are so many ways to save major cost on travel if you know what to look for and how to do it, so follow along in this new series as we document some of the best deals we've found in our own travel adventures! I recently booked tickets for Nick and I to spend New Year's weekend in New York City.  We'll fly in New Year's day, January 1st and leave on the 3rd, but since that is such a busy weekend in the city I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find any good deals.  After an hour or so of searching, I figured points were the best way to maximize our trip and I booked Portland to New York City, roundtrip for only $5 and here's how I did it (so you can too!): For the flight to New York, Portland doesn't have a lot of great times for direct flights to the city, so I opted instead to fly through Seattle, which is a quick 30 minute flight for us and which we do quite often.  As I was looking around at flights for just this one segment of the trip, they were going for $300 plus for a one way on the days I was looking to book, so I opted to use my Alaska miles.  In total I paid 20,000 Alaska miles and $5 for the one way from Portland to Seattle and then onwards to Newark Airport. Side Note: Alaska miles are a great value if you live on the West Coast. … [Read More...]