seeing more vs experiencing more

The Truth About Traveling : Seeing More vs. Experiencing More

I find that with each trip and each adventure that Nick and I take, my idea of travel in general changes bit by bit.  As a kid, I saw travel as fun, as a way to spend time with my family and to see different places without any true emotional realizations, after all I was just a kid.  Then when I was traveling to Korea for work a lot straight out of college, I saw travel as an exotic adventure, work hard and play harder: spend all day at the office, then head out and experience Seoul at night, exploring the city streets and hip neighborhoods.  Then when Nick and I got married and we started traveling more and more, I saw it as a unique adventure between us, a way to see the world together, to take risks, see all we could and experience different places.  Now at almost 29 years old, I see travel as a way to expand our knowledge, a way to connect with places in our world on an emotional level, a way to find spots on this globe that feel entirely right, places that move us, that bring emotions out of us that not every place can, to feel and be inspired and learn.  A way to find those places on this planet that speak to us, that give us that feeling you can't quite explain but almost literally takes your breath away. I feel more and more in the travel blogging community that it's just post after post about where to go, what to do and what to eat and while I do much of that too, I also hope to inspire you to go beyond just seeing as much as possible.  Travel is about feeling … [Read More...]